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The Manhattan skyline is easily visible from Sunnyside, but this Queens neighborhood feels miles away.  At once suburban and dense, Sunnyside is an inclusive residential community.


Back in the 1920s, when Queens was mostly farmland, developers took advantage of the open space and quick commutes to Manhattan this area offered and built one of New York City’s first planned communities.  What resulted was a neighborhood full of charming homes with attached gardens that later become known as the Sunnyside Gardens Historic District.  As the neighborhood expanded outside the planned borders, it nonetheless maintained a strong residential atmosphere.  Nowadays, most of the available homes are in the ubiquitous prewar brick buildings that dot the streets.  These neatly kept buildings command reasonable rents and offer practical floor plans.  Although Sunnyside is short on public spaces, lacking a major park or cultural venue, residents have adapted by turning the neighborhood's many restaurants and pubs into hangout spots.


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