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New York Office

About Us

Nan Zhang, Esq.

Founder, Owner, Attorney and Broker


In Queens, NY real estate, Nan (James) and his team at N & H Realty Group are synonymous with one word -- SUCCESS.  Coming from a successful background as a sole proprietor in his own Law Practice, Nan has developed unique skills and market knowledge to represent investors and homeowners with their real estate needs.


For over 15 years, Nan has been a licensed broker and attorney who has represented clients in thousands of real estate transactions involving coops, condominiums, houses, estate sales, and mixed-use and commercial buildings.  This extensive law experience has provided Nan with a unique perspective when it comes to real estate dealings from listing to closing.  Even better, his extensive knowledge in this field gives clients an educated opinion if any additional or related costs and issues, such as disclosures, capital gains, and repairs are requested.  This puts Nan's clients ahead of the curve when it comes to selling, giving them the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to real estate transactions knowing that they not only have an experienced broker representing them but a knowledgeable attorney guiding them at the same time.


Nan's real estate clients have a few distinct advantages.  These advantages include his knowledge of the local market, his experience in all phases of real estate, and the exclusive services he provides to each client.

Charities and Community Involvements

N & H Realty Group is committed to giving back to their community in whatever ways they can.  In turn, they've dedicated their work to various causes and organizations that hold great significance to their team.

  • Volunteer and Member of COMET (Communities of Maspeth & Elmhurst Together)

  • Official Drop-off Site of Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

  • Donor of Bobbi and the Strays

  • Donor of Holly Civic Association

  • Donor of Catering for the Homeless, Inc.

  • Member of Community Education Council 24

  • Member of Community Board 5


Our Team


N & H Realty Group is proud to have an outstanding team of professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service.  The N & H team is comprised of a number of specialists including selling/buying agents, attorneys, paralegals, accountants, marketers, photographers, internet marketing specialists, and more.  Our team also speaks many different languages including Chinese (8 different dialects), Spanish and more.

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