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State Judge Dismisses Airbnb Registration Lawsuit Against New York City Over Local Law 18

From: Long Island Board of REALTORS, Inc. Subject: LIBOR News Update - August 17th

A State Supreme Court judge dismissed a pair of lawsuits brought by Airbnb against New York City over a new registration law for short-term rentals, known as Local Law 18. The judge held that New York City is within its legal right to require registration of short-term rentals as one permissible way to address housing concerns by requiring short-term rental hosts in apartment buildings to register their units and affirm they comply with all local codes. LL18 also allows New York City landlords to place their buildings on a “Prohibited Buildings List” if they affirm to the City that they have explicitly forbidden short-term rentals in their leases. Airbnb may still appeal the trail court judge’s ruling. Learn more.

Source: Long Island Board of REALTORS, Inc.

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