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Long Island City

A former industrial center, Long Island City is an unusual New York City neighborhood.  Once home to a lively art scene, it's now a site of major residential development and economic activity.

Once an industrial expanse of warehouses and taxi depots, Long Island City has seen a remarkable change in the past two decades.  Its waterfront is now lined with upscale, glassy new developments aimed at young professionals who seek luxury amenities and convenient access to Midtown.  In 2018, Amazon chose this neighborhood as the site for one of its two new East Coast hubs, which means some industrial buildings and pothole-pocked streets will almost certainly give way to a gleaming new tech campus.  New parks, restaurants, bars, and other amenities were already transforming this somewhat gritty area into a comfortable and scenic place to live and work — and with 25,000 new, high-paying jobs on the way, much more change is on the horizon.


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